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What is the purpose of a Team Manager?

The purpose of a Team Manager is to alleviate the administrative side of the hockey team from the Coach. You are literaly the Coach's "right hand man/woman".  

What is involved in the position?

The Team Manager position involves a few different things. Mainly, and most importantly, you are the "go between" between the Coach and the team/parents. You are responsible for: 

Keeping and maintaining the Team Book for the season. The Team Book contains the following documents: 

Official Stamped USA Hockey Roster; 
Signed Code of Conduct forms for players & Parents;
Consent To Treat forms for every player on the team; 

Major Teams will also have: 
Completed Game sheets or copies of completed game sheets;
Credentials Verification form


Credentials Verification Form, check off documents received for each player - MUST have: 
Code of Conduct for Player & Parent
Consent to Treat
Birth Certificate
Game Sheets - TEAM must have 14 games played, each PLAYER must have 10 games played - on the Credentials form, enter the dates of the games you are using, check off each player in attendance for each game. Ensure that every player has a minimum of 10 games checked off. 
Game Sheet Copies - When copying game sheets, reduce so that entire game sheet fits onto normal letter sized paper; 

CREDENTIALS VERIFICATION FORM; (should be in your team book, if you need another copy, ask) 
Stamped USA Hockey Roster (should be in your team book, if you need another copy ask)
Copy of each Coaches Online Coaching Module Completion Certificate
Copy of each Coaches CEP card; 

What are these documents needed for? 

The teams official USA Hockey Roster is a required document for all teams. This is what proves all of our players are registered with USA Hockey and that our coaches are current on their required CEP Levels and modules. 

Code of Conduct forms are an acknowledgment by all parents and players that they will adhere to USA Hockey's Zero Tolerance Policy regarding abusive language towards coaches, players, or referees and that they will represent the program at all times in a respectful manner. 

Consent to Treat forms are required to be in the team managers possession at all events the team is participating in. This is the document that will provide you or a coach with authorization to seek medical care in the event of an emergency when the injured players parents are not on site. While some may view this as a document that is not needed often enough to worry about, I can tell you that while that may be the case, that one time you need it you will be thankful for it. 

Game sheets - these are only needed for Major teams that are participating in the State Tournament. These will verify that the team and players have played the minimum number of games required in order to be eligible to play in the tournament. 

Credentials Verification Form - this will be in your book right after your team roster. On this form every player will be listed. It will be your responsibility to enter the dates of each game and check off each participating player for that particular game.  This will need to be turned into MA Hockey prior to the State Tournament. I recommend doing this week by week so you aren't sitting there the night before it's due going through game sheets and completing the form. Failure to provide this at the time it is due will disqualify the team from the State Tournament. 

What other responsibilities does a Team Manager have? 

A team manager will also handle sending emails to the team at the coaches request (some prefer to do it themselves, some will have their team manager do it. Check with your coach to see how she/he wants to handle team communication. 

You will have a Team Manager log in that will enable you to send emails to the team and also post pictures and/or any other updates for the team on their team page on our website. 

Team Managers will also typically handle making the arrangements, or delegating to someone else, for team events such as team dinners, attending a local college game, etc. 

The above covers the basics of being a team manager. You are welcome to delegate tasks out to your parents as you see fit as well. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! 

Good luck! 

Eydie Balsam